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Mentoring and supervision

  • One of our aims is to build capacity through supervision and mentoring. We currently have nurses enrolled in their PhD and undertaking their masters through coursework or independent research study units, with each of them engaging in projects driven by questions arising from clinical practice. 

    Academic programs we actively provide mentoring and supervision for include: 

    • Master of Advance Nursing Practice independent study unit 

    • Masters of Philosophy 

    • PhD 

    The Nursing Research team also provide mentorship and support to RCH nurses outside of formal programs. Any RCH nurse  who have identify areas of practice they would like to explore further to improve quality of care and clinical outcomes are able to contact nursing research to discuss the best support pathway for their project. As with students, we provide support in order that the work these nurses engage in is able to achieve positive results.  

    If you have a clinical question you would like to investigate or are contemplating further study please contact us for support.