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About the RCH nursing

  • Welcome to Nursing at The Royal Children's Hospital

    Nurses at The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) provide Great Care to neonates, children, young people and their families in more than 60 different services. We are committed to competency based practice and provide nurses with a comprehensive, individualized orientation program.  Nurses can develop their careers in Clinical Practice, Management, Education or Research and the Domains of Practice describe professional role expectations.  Opportunities for development are based on performance not tenure and our current nursing vacancies may be found on the RCH  careers website.  

    What's new in nursing

    2021 Volunteers Nursing Scholarship 

    The Volunteer’s Nursing Scholarship Due to travel limitations, the Volunteer’s Nursing Scholarship for 2021 will be repurposed to enable nursing staff at RCH to undertake a local project. The scholarship is up to the value of $11,000 and may be shared. The funds must be spent by 31st December 2021. This funding is not ongoing on the project, if continuing past December 31st 2021 must be self-sustainable.

    Proposed projects must clearly align with the strategic plan of The RCH and ultimately promote great care.

    The funds may be used for:

    • Buying back of time. Please include 20% on costs.
    • Transcriptions of a current project.
    • Development of a resource for staff and/or families.

    The funds may not be used for:

    • Travel. Please note the RCH does not approve overseas or interstate travel for business at current. Please refer to 13.0 Travelling domestically and internationally in the COVID-19 Managers guide.
    • Virtual Conferences. To apply for funding relating to virtual conferences please consider applying for CPD funding.
    • Academic study for which funding can be sought via the Nursing and Allied Health Post-graduate scholarships scheme.

    Key dates

    • Applications are now open, and close at 5pm on April 28th 2021.
    • Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an interview on Wednesday the 5th of May 2021. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the selection process in writing by the 11th of May 2021. More information Please contact the Nursing Research department if more information or support in your application is required. 

    More information 

    More information on this scholarship can be accessed from the links below: 

    Standardising the Management & Leadership of Nursing teams

    In 2014 RCH Nursing Executive began working  with RCH Nurse Unit Managers (NUM) and Associate Nurse Unit Managers (ANUM) to understand their practice reality and to develop a shared vision of the management and leadership of nursing teams. NUM’s and ANUM’s were surveyed and then invited to attend focus groups. The information provided was themed and formed the basis of a project plan which was actioned by the NUM and ANUM working group. 

    Key achievements of the working group include;


    1. Implementation of NUM Mentoring Groups September 2015
    2. NUM Induction & Orientation Guide V2 June 2016
      a. Included in the guide is a detailed description of the agreed 16 Standards for Practice for Nurse Unit Managers, sitting within the five domains of professional practice. The standards describe the breadth and depth of professional responsibility for Nurse Unit Managers. The Standards have been developed to provide a framework for NUM’s to develop in their roles to manage and lead nurses 24/7, ensuring care provided is standardised and supports Great Care. 
    3. Standardised NUM position description May 2015
    4. Agreed five areas for NUM's to focus on standardizing leadership in 2015/2016 - to be audited in 2016/2017
      • Visiting hours procedure
      • Bi-monthly NUM/ANUM 1:1 meetings
      • Lead weekly ward/unit meetings
      • Review HDU criteria
      • Staff Wellness

    NUM Resources


    1. ANUM Induction & Orientation Guide V2 June 2016
    2. Standardised ANUM position description V2 June 2016
    3. Implementation of NUM/ANUM 1:1 bi-monthly meetings using the Domains of Practice Framework November 2015.  To be audited in 2016/2017.

    ANUM Resources


    The development of these resources is the next step in achieving our vision, clarifying the role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) as the pinnacle in point of care nursing practice.   The guide provides NUM and applicants with clear organisational expectations of the CNS role.   

    1. Development of Clinical Nurse Specialist application guide June 2016
    2. Standardized Clinical Nurse Specialist position description June 2016

    CNS Resources