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Postgraduate nurses

  • Postgraduate nursing studies

    RCH has partnered with the University of Melbourne as a Centre of Excellence to deliver clinically integrated postgraduate programs. Nurses wishing to undertake postgraduate study in these courses are required to seek endorsement from their Nurse Unit Manager and meet the university course requirements.

    Please click on the link below to view the course details on the University of Melbourne website:

    Interested RCH staff should discuss the possibility of study with their unit Educators and/or Managers, and familiarise themselves with the relevant course requirements and application processes.  A formal Expression of Interest can then be submitted to their Nurse Unit Manager to be considered for endorsement prior to a University of Melbourne application submission.

    Staff interested in other postgraduate courses are encouraged to explore study options and discuss plans with their unit Educators and/or Managers.

    Postgraduate allied health and nursing scholarships

    To encourage engagement in postgraduate education that supports improved clinical practice outcomes, Allied Health & Nursing Education is pleased to offer postgraduate scholarships.

    Available to eligible Nurses and Allied Health Professionals* undertaking postgraduate studies which support the delivery of improved nursing care at RCH, the scholarships are provided to assist with the costs of course fees associated with postgraduate studies in the field of Clinical Nursing.

    Please visit the Allied Health and Nursing section for full eligibility, application and selection details.

    * Allied Health Professionals must be employed, managed, supervised and/or under clinical governance of a Department of Allied Health Directorate at RCH.


    If you have any queries regarding the postgraduate nursing scholarship please contact the Administrator, Nursing Education:

    T: (+61)3 9345 6716