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Neurology Staff

  • Acting Director



    • Dr Jacquie Wrennall (Head, Clinical Neuropsychology)
    • Dr Linda Gonzales
    • Dr Sarah Barton (Neuroimaging)
    • Dr Bernice Dodds

    Advanced Practice Nurses

    • Belinda Stojanovski (Stroke research)
    • Adam Rozsa (Stroke)
    • Daniella Villano (MDA Neuromuscular)
    • Emma Scott (Neuromuscular research)
    • Jackie Said (Multiple Sclerosis)
    • Lauren Tunstall (MS research)
    • Jill Bicknell-Royle (Epilepsy Nurse Consultant)
    • Kathryn Santamaria (Epilepsy Nurse Consultant)
    • Lilly Stagoll (Complex Movement Disorders Nurse Consultant)
    • Nuala Kentish (Care Manager, Cockatoo Ward)
    • Bronagh Bates (Care Manager, Cockatoo Ward)
    • Elise McDonald (Nurse Unit Manager, Cockatoo Ward)

    Neurology Fellows 2022

    • Dr Nicola Fearn: Clinical Research Fellow
    • Dr Chien Yen Poh: CSL Neuromuscular Fellow
    • Dr Sameer Dal: Rats of Tobruk Epilepsy Fellow
    • Dr Beth Cole: Uncle Bob's General Neurology Fellow

    Neurophysiology Scientists

    • Ramja Kokulan (Senior Scientist)
    • Cathy Bailey
    • Ann Saunders
    • Rachael De Pyle
    • Nadia Farrell
    • Toni Lay
    • Laura Moylan
    • Mia Vidovic
    • Megan Walker
    • Tara Muscente

    Neuroscience Advanced Clinical Imaging Service

    • Dr Joseph Yang
    • Dr Sarah Barton
    • Dr Bonnie Alexander
    • Dr Sila Genc


    • Jessica Capper (General Neurology) 
    • Chiara Tewierik (General Neurology)
    • Kate Carroll (Neuromuscular research)
    • Katy De Valle (Neuromuscular research)
    • Rachel Kennedy (Neuromuscular research)
    • Justine Adams (Neuromuscular research)

    Occupational Therapists

    • Jillian Fitzgerald (General Neurology) 
    • Ash Cruz (Neuromuscular)

    Genetic Counsellor

    • Robin Forbes (Neuromuscular)

    Speech Therapists 

    • Jess De Bolfo


    • Caroline South (Ketogenic diet)
    • Sarah Efklides (Ketogenic diet)
    • Meredith Purvis (Ketogenic diet)
    • Zoe Davidson (Neuromuscular Research)
    • Katie O'Brien (Neuromuscular)
    • Natalie Whitehead (Neuromuscular)

    Social Workers

    • TBA

    Administrative Officers

    • Eddie Lam (Business Manager)
    • Rose Cocciardi (Secretary)
    • Anne Butler (Secretary)
    • Sarah McPherson (Secretary)
    • Sarah Portelli (Neuromuscular Administrator)

    Last updated 8 June 2022