• Please state reason for referral/clinical question under 'Clinical details'.

    Referral form

    Allied health professionals/maternal and child health nurses

    Please refer children with developmental concerns to their GP, suggesting a developmental assessment by a paediatrician

    General practitioners

    May refer children to the following diagnosis-specific clinics where that diagnosis has been previously confirmed

    • Prader-Willi Syndrome Clinic
    • Neural Tube Defects Clinic (Spina Bifida, excluding Spina Bifida Occulta – seen by General Medicine)
    • Rett Syndrome Clinic
    • Angelma n Syndrome Clinic

    May re-refer a child who is already known to a developmental medicine paediatrician. Referral needs to clearly state the main reason for referral and/or clinical question.


    May refer children to

    • Developmental Medicine Assessment and Opinion Clinic (usually single appointment) regarding specific clinical questions eg. tone, saliva control, autism diagnostic dilemmas (eg in children with sensory impairments or other neurological disorders), other comorbidities, psychiatry issues
    • Developmental behavioural referral form. For this clinic please complete this referral form and email to with all available cognitive, speech and language tests, occupational therapy reports and Behaviour Support Plans (and any other relevant assessments)

    Request a shared care arrangement in one of the following streams:

    • Physical disability stream
    • Intellectual disability/autism stream

    May refer to developmental medicine to take over care of patient.

    Only applicable whereby:

    • The RCH is closest outpatient department and/or
    • Child has a level of complexity that is difficult to manage in the community and/or
    • Child sees multiple other teams at the RCH and will see developmental medicine on same day appointments (not Wednesdays)