My RCH Portal

Sign up

  • You can sign up to My RCH Portal at your next hospital visit or from home. 

    Sign up is a two-step process. These steps help us to keep our patients safe and their information private.

    Step 1: Ask for an activation code  

    You will need your own activation code to sign up to My RCH Portal. 

    • Parents and legal guardians cannot use their child’s activation code to access My RCH Portal.
    • We will need to check your identification before we can give you an activation code.

    At the hospital

    Ask our Specialist Clinic desk staff or ward clerks for an activation code.

    If you are a parent or legal guardian, you will be asked to complete a Parent/legal guardian request for proxy access form.

    From home

    If you are an RCH patient aged 12 years or older, please complete and return a Patient request for access form.

    If you are the parent or legal guardian of an RCH patient, please complete and return a Parent/legal guardian request for proxy access form.

    Step 2: Sign up as a new user

    When you have your activation code: