Rights and responsibilities

  • Everyone seeking or receiving care at RCH Mental Health has certain rights and responsibilities with regard to access, safety, respect, information, participation, privacy and complaints.  Our service is committed to ensure that these rights and responsibilities are recognised and upheld at all times

    It is important that families accessing and using our service know and understand their rights and responsibilities

    The following short video was developed to give parents and carers an overview of such rights and responsibilities

    Speakers of Vietnamese can view a translated version of this video below.

    Bệhn Viện Tâm Thần Nhi Ðồng – Thông tin dành cho gia dình: Quyền lợi và trách nhiệm

    English version

    Vietnamese version

    Turkish version

    Arabic version

    For detailed information about your rights and responsibilities please refer to our brochure “Your rights and responsibilities. Charter for parents and carers”.

    Click here to access this information

    We have also produced a Rights and Responsibilities Checklist to help you make sure you are receiving all the information about your rights and responsibilities,

    and that they are being taken seriously throughout your involvement with our service.

    Click hereto access the checklist