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Robinvale and Euston 2011-2014

  • REFHL March 2012

    Working with local elders and artists, especially from Aboriginal and Pacific Islander community, to overcome tragic mental health issues by building respect, understanding and self-belief.

    Rainbow Snake Emerges

    Local Aboriginal dancers perform at a festival in the middle of the main street, where hundreds of schoolkids put their artwork on show. The event climaxes with the appearance of a giant Rainbow Snake, which has travelled the legendary path up the river from Euston.

    Colourful Cultures - REFHL Book Launch November 2012

    Local artists, teachers and young people responded to the theme of “Family” to create a memorable book which is officially launched by the CEO of the Murray Valley Aboriginal Cooperative.

    REFHL 2013 - Reconciliation Week

    Two hundred students attend a unique intensive celebration of local Aboriginal culture, at the site of the famous annual Easter Camp, where the community once lived and thrived on fish, rabbits, local knowledge, skill and ingenuity.