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  • Our team

    The Medical Imaging Department comprises a wide variety of health professionals delivering care to patients who are referred from a variety of different departments.


    A radiologist is a specialist medical doctor who is responsible for conducting procedures, interpreting medical images and issuing a report for the referring clinician (doctor, dentist or physiotherapist etc.).

    Medical Imaging Technologist (Radiographers / Magnetic Resonance Technologists / Nuclear Medicine and PET Technologists / Sonographers):

    The technical staff perform the examination by operating the X-ray, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, PET or Ultrasound equipment.

    Registered Nurse:

    Registered nurses care for the children and parents during the examination, prepare and assist the doctor during interventional procedures.

    Radiation Safety Officer / Medical Physicist:

    The radiation safety officer (RSO)/medical physicist ensures compliance with all Acts and Regulations relating to the use of radiation in the hospital environment. They also provide education and guidance for both staff and patients. 

    Key Contacts:

    Name Position Phone

    Dr Padma Rao


    (03) 9345 5255

    Mita Pedersen

    Chief Medical Imaging Technologist (MIT)

    (03) 9345 5666

    Duncan Veysey

    Deputy Chief MIT, Chief Nuclear Medicine and PET Technologist 

    (03) 9345 6697

    Nicola Craze

    Nurse Unit Manager

    (03) 9345 6992

    Kate Dymond

    Manager, Clerical Support Services

    (03) 9345 5667

    Amanda Perdomo

    Certified Medical Physics Specialist, RCH Radiation Safety Officer

    (03) 9345 5260