• Medical Imaging Department - patient consent and procedure justification

    Patients and families have a right to receive information, ask questions, and raise concerns about their health care. Effective communication between the patient and the health care team is fundamental to informed decision-making for both parties. From the 1st of June 2016 the Medical Imaging Department (MID) will implement a new consent procedure and document informed consent for every examination.  This is a legislative requirement. Information for patients will be available on the MID website. Verbal or written consent will be obtained as necessitated by the procedure type. 

    We must ensure;

    • i. patients have access to information about the diagnostic imaging procedure,
    • ii. risks are advised to the patient or substitute decision maker, 
    • iii. practice staff obtain and record relevant information about the patient's health status and individual patient risk factors,
    • iv. consent for the diagnostic imaging procedure is obtained from the patient or the substitute decision maker, 
    • v. patient consent requirements reflect the risk attached to the diagnostic imaging procedure.
    • vi. Examinations which are crucial to the patients care and require completion in an expeditious manner do not require consent. 

    The Radiation Medical Practitioner is required to justify of all medical radiation procedures prior to the scheduling of the examination as legislated in the Radiation Act. To meet our obligations each referral must include the;

    • i. test requested
    • ii. clinical problem
    • iii. clinical question
    • iv.clinician contact information

    Including this information on every referral will allow MID to process the referral in a timely manner.

    If you would like additional information on the consent procedure, justification or other Medical Imaging activities please contact Dr Padma Rao, Director, Medical Imaging Department ext. 55237