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About the Limb Reconstruction Service

  • Some children and adolescents may have a difference in the shape of their foot, leg, or arm.  This difference may affect their function. The difference may be something they were born with (“congenital”), or something that has happened since (“acquired”), for example, a broken bone.  

    The Royal Children’s Hospital’s Limb Reconstruction Service assists these children and their families in gaining knowledge about their difference, understanding the options available, and then empowering them to make treatment decisions that align with their aspirations and goals. 

    The RCH Limb Reconstruction Service is a component of the RCH Orthopedic Department.  Our multi-disciplinary team consists of surgeons, a nurse-coordinator, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and prosthetists. We have over 30 years of experience treating this unique group of patients, with a catchment area extending throughout the state of Victoria, as well as often farther afield. 

    Appropriate referrals are assessed in the Limb Reconstruction clinic. Often advanced imaging (x-rays, MRI scans) are required, as well as consultation with members of our allied health team. When a decision for surgery is made, the nurse coordinator manages the  preparation of children and families for limb reconstruction, streamlines the admission and discharge process and provide ongoing care in the postoperative period.