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About the Limb Reconstruction Service

  • For some children or young people, the shape and function of their foot/feet or length of their limb may be affected due to a congenital condition or trauma.

    The Limb Reconstruction service uses external, non removable frames to either lengthen, correct or hold a bone or joint in a new position. A frame may also be used to treat severe fractures.

    After assessment in the Limb Reconstruction clinic, children are booked in advance for elective surgery.

    Limb reconstruction surgery  has been performed at Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, for over 20 years. The Limb reconstruction process is multi-disciplinary, and coordinated by a nurse cordinator who works closely with the surgeons, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and teachers to plan for the child's surgery. Other members of the health care team are referred to as required.

    A formal preadmission process is followed. . The nurse coordinator manages the  preparation of children and families for limb reconstruction, streamlines the admission and discharge process and provide ongoing care in the postoperative period.

     Our patients come  from Victoria, Tasmania and Southern New South Wales which can provide a challenge in managing patients from a distance. It is hoped that this web site goes part way in addressing the issues for our non metropolitan patients and becomes a useful resource for all.