LR Allied Health team

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy is an important part of the Limb Reconstruction process in both lengthening and deformity correction.  The Limb Reconstruction process places demands on your muscles and soft tissues.  The muscles must therefore be stretched as part of a regular routine of exercise.

    The goal of Physiotherapy is to maintain range of movement, prevent contractures, and to increase strength, mobility and function.


    Children whose muscles are supple generally cope more easily during the post-operative period.  Before your surgery, your Physiotherapist may provide you with an exercise program to maximise your flexibility and prepare you for surgery.  They will discuss your home, school and social situation and provide recommendations on the most likely equipment needs.


    From the first day after surgery, exercise and positioning are important to prevent joint and muscle tightness.  The Physiotherapist will show your child exercises to do both in hospital and for when you go home.  They will assist you to mobilise, and along with an Occupational Therapist, arrange any equipment required for home.

    Post operatively

    As many of our patients come from a long distance, we will likely engage a local therapist to be involved in your care.  As you return to the clinic, the Physiotherapist will be monitoring your range of movement, strength and mobility.  They will guide you as to when you can progress your exercises and mobility.