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Midline neck mass - suspected thyroglossal duct cyst

  • This pre-referral guideline covers midline neck mass/suspected thyroglossal duct cyst in children of all ages.

    Initial work-up

    • Ultrasound of neck with notation of thyroid gland.
    • Thyroid function test if needed.

    Pre-referral treatment

    • Treat infections
    • Observe for fluctuance, erythema and airway distress.

    When to refer

    • Swelling that does not respond to a course of antibiotics.
    • Bring head and neck films.

    Referral form (pdf)

    Parent handout (pdf)


    Kids Connect (RCH Primary Care Liaison)

    Kids Health Info (Parent fact sheets online)

    Contact information

    Clinical advice

    Switchboard – ask for ENT specialist consultant or registrar on-call    (03) 9345 5522
    RCH Emergency Department (03) 9345 6477


    Booking enquiries and appointment rescheduling (parents) (03) 9345 6180 
    Rural doctors only (03) 9345 6789 

    Admission enquiries

    General admission enquiries  (03) 9345 6172

    ED admission enquiries 

    (03) 9345 6477
    After hours/switchboard

    (03) 9345 5522


    Seriously unwell child (03) 9345 7007

    RCH Drug info-line 

    (03) 9345 5208


    Paediatric Handbook Ear, Nose and Throat Conditions, Chapter 21 (pp312-324); Robert Berkowitz and Michael Marks; Seventh Edition, Blackwell Publishing. By the staff of the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

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