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Primary Care Liaison

Jaundice in infancy prolonged

  • Note - this is unusual.

    Initial work-up

    For children aged 3 months and above:

    • Hepatitis A/B serology
    • CMV, EBV, LFT, FBE
    • Serum bilirubin

    NB: All are optional. May be most beneficial for rural patients pre-referral.

    Recommended pre-referral treatment

    Well child:

    • Get a drug history ie. paracetamol use.

    Unwell child:

    • Consider fulimant liver failure.

    When to refer

    Well child:

    • Call the Gastroenterologist on call for advice.

    Unwell child:

    • Enlarged tender liver,fever, lethargy, dehydration - IMMEDIATE REFERRAL to the Emergency Department on 03 9345 6592


    References and more reading

    Guideline developed by the RCH Departments of Dermatology and Allergy and Immunology in consultation with a GP Review Group. Many thanks to the GPs involved in the review.  First published Nov 2007. Reviewed August 2009.
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