Central formula room

  • The central formula room prepares all formula and fortified breastmilk and delivers it to the ward formula fridges between 2pm and 3pm daily. All formula and fortified breastmilk must be used within 24 hours.

    The central formula room is on level B2 (access via the green lifts).

    Excess breastmilk and breastmilk requiring additives can be dropped off once a day, between 8.30am and 5.30pm.

    Up to 2 litres of breastmilk can be frozen, so please take any extra home.

    To store frozen breastmilk in the Central Formula Room, the milk must be frozen solid and have at least four months before it expires.  Any partially defrosted breastmilk will be handled as per fresh breastmilk.

    When it’s time to go home, collect unused breastmilk and/or tins of own formula from the central formula room. 

    Formulas currently stocked in the central formula room (updated May 2018)
    • Aptamil Feed Thickener 380G
    • Aptamil Gold+ Pronutra
    • Aptamil Delact All Age
    • Aptamil Gold+ RTF Benefibre
    • Beneprotein
    • Calogen Neutral
    • Carbohydrate Free Mix
    • Complete Amino Acid Mix
    • Duocal Super Soluble
    • EAA Supplement
    • Elecare LCP Unflavoured
    • Elecare Vanilla
    • Energivit
    • Fortsip 200ml plastic bottle Banana       
    • Fortsip 200ml plastic bottle Chocolate       
    • Fortsip 200ml plastic bottle Strawberry       
    • Fortsip 200ml plastic bottle Vanilla       
    • Fructose powder
    • Glucose powder
    • Infatrini
    • Instant Thick
    • Isoleucine
    • Ketocal 3:1
    • Ketocal  4:1 Vanilla
    • Lipistart
    • Liquigen
    • Locasol 400G
    • MCT Oil
    • Monogen
    • MSUD Anamix LCP
    • MSUD Gel
      MSUD Maxamum Orange
    • Nan Optipro 1 Gold Powder
    • Nan Optipro Gold RTF
    • Nan Optipro HA 1 GOLD
    • Neocate Advance Unflavoured
    • Neocate Gold
    • Neocate Junior Vanilla
    • Nutrini
    • Nutrini Energy
    • Nutrison 800 Complete M/F
    • Nutrison Concentrated
    • Nutrison Energy
    • Nutrison Standard
    • Paediatric Seravit
    • Peptamen Junior
    • Pepti Junior
    • Poly-Joule Powder
    • Prenan Gold RTF LBW
    • Prenan Human Milk Fortifier
    • Renastart
    • Repalyte
    • Resource Fruit Beverage Peach
    • Resource Fruit Beverage Wildberry
    • S-26 Gold Alula Newborn Powder
    • S-26 Gold Alula Newborn RTF
    • S-26 Gold Alula Soy 900G
    • Sustagen Hospital Formula Vanilla
    • Sustagen Kid Essentials
    • Valine
    • Vivonex T.E.N