Car parking

  • Arriving by car

    The Royal Children's Hospital is located on Flemington Road in Parkville, an inner suburb just north of the Melbourne CBD. The hospital is only minutes from the city centre, and a 20-30 minute drive from Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine).

    Dropping off

    There are restricted drop off/pick up zones outside the Emergency Department and in the circular driveway outside the main entrance.  These areas are monitored by security staff and you risk a fine if you stay longer than the designated time.


    Car parking is available beneath the hospital in an underground car park.  Access is via Entry 1, 2 or 4 from Flemington Road.  To gain entry, take a ticket from the ticket box at the boom gate and the gate will open.

    There are two sections to the car park; one section is beneath the hospital at 50 Flemington Road, and the other is beneath the new retail precinct next to the hospital at 48 Flemington Road.  The two sections are linked by underground roadways, and the Blue lifts in 48 Flemington Road take you directly to Main Street - a short, indoor walk to the main clinical areas of the hospital.

    50 Flemington Road,
    beneath the hospital
    48 Flemington Road,
    beneath the retail precinct
    Entries from Flemington Road: Entries 1 and 2 Entry 4
    Use this car park for: All wards and clinics in the main hospital   Private consulting suites, Larwill Hotel, Bambini childcare centre, RCH Education Institute, RCH Foundation and Auxiliaries, retail precinct
    Lift colours: Yellow and green Blue
    Car park levels: B1, B2, B3 LG, B1, B2
    Locations of pay stations: Main Street, Ground floor
    Yellow lift lobbies on levels B1, B2 and B3
    Emergency Department, Lower Ground floor   
    48 Flemington Road entry lobby
    Blue lift lobbies on levels LG and B1

     A parking indicator system operates on levels B1 and B2 beneath the hospital, telling drivers where vacant spots are available.

    Before leaving your car, check that it is securely locked and that all valuables are placed out of sight.  Make a note of the level of the car park you are on, the numbered area of the car park (painted on pillars throughout) and the colour of lift you use when you leave.  Remember to take your parking ticket with you.

    Payment must be made at one of the pay stations as listed above before you return to your vehicle.  All exits from the car park lead to Flemington Road.  Exits 1 and 4 are left hand turn only, exit 2 is right or left hand turn with traffic lights.

    The entire car park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Disabled parking

    Disabled parking bays are located on each level of the car park and you are required to display your disability parking permit at all times.

    Motorbike parking

    There are parking spaces for motorbikes on each level of the car park.

    Parking rates

    0-1 hour      $12.00
    1-2 hours $18.00
    2-3 hours $23.00
    3-4 hours $26.00
    4-5 hours $27.00
    5-6 hours $34.00
    Daily maximum $34.00
    Each day thereafter   $10.00
    7 day maximum rate $56.00
    Night flat rate
    (Enter after 4.00 pm each day,
    exit before 8.00 am the next day)
    Lost ticket fee
    (Daily maximum applies)
    Concession rates are available - see Discount parking below.  

    All prices include GST and are based on a single entry.

    Cash, Visa and Mastercard credit cards are all accepted.

    The car park is managed on behalf of the RCH by an external contractor. All revenue generated by the entire car park remains at The Royal Children's Hospital.

    Lost tickets

    If you lose your ticket, you will need to pay a full day casual rate of $34.00.

    Go to the Car Park and Security Office on the Lower Ground floor (Underwater) and they will supply a replacement ticket which is payable at the car park payment machines. You may be asked to present your driver's licence.

    Discount parking

    Patients and families who are eligible for discounted parking will be issued a daily ticket.

    You are eligible for a discount parking card if:

    • Your child receives a disability allowance (e.g. Child Disability 'CD' on the patient's Health Care Card or Disability Support Pension 'DSP' on the Pension Card).
    • You are in possession of a Federal Government Concession – i.e. pension health care card.
    • Your child has been an inpatient for 48 hours or more.
    • Approval has been provided by the Social Work Department due to undue financial hardship. To request this approval, please speak to your ward clerk or a Specialist Clinics desk staff – who can submit a discount parking request to the Social Work Department. In these circumstances, the carer will be asked to  attend the Car Park and  Security office.

    Car parking discounts will ONLY be issued with the correct documentation presented and viewed by car park or security staff.

    Visitors in possession of a health care card may apply for a long term car park discount hard card. The hard card entitles the visitor to the discounted parking rate for a period of up to six months without the need for daily visits to the Car Park and Security office.

    A discount card is available which entitles parents to exit the car park multiple times during the day but only pay once. If multiple exits are required, please do the following:

    • When paying for your first exit, get a receipt from the pay station.
    • When returning to the car park, take a new entry ticket.
    • When ready to exit again, take your receipt and second entry ticket to the Car Park and Security office.
    • Please note this only applies for same day entry and exits, and receipts for a prior date will not be accepted.

    Car park and security office

    (03) 9345 9488


    East Building, Lower Ground (Underwater), next to Emergency


    Open 24 hours, seven days a week

    Street parking

    There is limited short term free and metered parking close to the hospital on selected streets in Parkville and North Melbourne, but do be mindful that City of Melbourne parking officers are very vigilant in these areas. Read all signage carefully, as some areas may be clearways, tow away zones or permit zones at particular times.

    For more information, please visit The City of Melbourne website ( or telephone (03) 9658 9658.