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  • Parent Rooms are located at the entry to each inpatient ward, in the Family Hub and in other public areas of the hospital. Comfortable recliner chairs, baby change and hand washing facilities are provided in each room. Parents who require access to breast pumps can ask a staff member at the nearest inpatient ward.

    The Royal Children's Hospital actively supports and promotes breastfeeding.  Your supply can be particularly vulnerable when your baby is sick so our staff will work with you to maintain your supply and optimise breastfeeding while your child is in hospital.  Remember to tell the doctors and nurses caring for your child that you are breastfeeding.  Visit this page for information about breastfeeding your child in hospital.

    For more information contact

    • RCH Nutrition Consultants (03) 9345 5663
    • Australian Breastfeeding Association 24hr breastfeeding helpline - 1800 mum 2 mum (1800 686 268).