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Your guide to the RCH

Visitor Guidelines

  • Visitor limits and guidelines

    The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) currently has limits on the number and type of people who can visit.

    At this time extended family and friends are not able to see patients or accompany them to appointments. For most wards, only parents, carers and siblings are permitted as visitors.

    Scroll down to see current restrictions including limits on visitor numbers.

    Check in process

    We have a check in process to help us know who is in the hospital. Please allow up to 30 minutes. You will be asked some questions about your health and to show your vaccination certificate. After checking in you’ll receive an access sticker valid for that day.

    Look out for our friendly volunteers wearing pink vests – they’ll help guide you.

    Unvaccinated visitors  

    Visitors who are 18 years or over and have not had two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine will need to wear an N95 mask and undertake a rapid antigen (RA) test for each day they are at the hospital. Visitors unable to present their vaccination certificate will also need to follow these guidelines.

    Visitor limits for weekdays, weekends and public holidays

    Limits on visitor numbers vary from ward to ward. They may also change from time to time depending on COVID-19 or Influenza in the community, and the hospital’s needs.

    Under the current guidelines, no extended family or friends are able to visit. 

    Ward Who can visit per patient each day?
    Cockatoo, Koala, Platypus, Sugar Glider, Kelpie, and Kookaburra  Four parents, carers or siblings.
    Possum Two parents, carers or siblings.
    Rosella and Butterfly Two parents or guardians (RAT required).
    Dolphin One or two parents and guardians, depending on the patient’s COVID status. 
    Theatre and Recovery One parent or guardian.
    Specialist clinics, Medical Imaging and Day Units One parent or guardian. 
    Emergency Department One parent/guardian may stay with patients in the waiting room.  For patients moved to a cubicle, two may visit.
    Banksia As determined by the patient’s treating team. 

    Rapid Antigen Tests required for some wards

    Visitors to Rosella and Butterfly wards need to undertake a RA test on certain days.

    • Rosella: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
    • Butterfly: Wednesday and Friday

    Other visitors may need to take a RAT if requested by the Visitor Support team.

    View Rapid Antigen Testing guidelines (PDF)

    Overnight stays

    Visitors who stay overnight in their child’s room need to complete the check in process each day they are at the hospital. After checking in you will be given a new access sticker valid for the day.

    Overnight visitors who are unable to present their vaccination certificate will need to complete a RA test as part of their  daily check in process.

    This daily check in requirement applies to parents and guardians who leave their child’s ward area.

    Special circumstances

    If you have special circumstances with relation to any of the guidelines on this page, please speak with your treating team before arriving at the hospital. It won’t be possible to negotiate special conditions or changes to the guidelines during check in.

    COVID safety

    Please keep the safety of all our patients and staff in mind during your visit.

    When visiting The Royal Children’s Hospital you will need to sanitise your hands, wear a surgical or N95 mask (that covers your chin and nose) and maintain social distancing. We provide hand sanitiser and masks for visitors.

    If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and get tested immediately.

    Have COVID-19 and a clinic appointment?

    Visit our Specialist Clinics web page for more information and guidelines around attending appointments.

    If you or your child has COVID-19 (or COVID-like symptoms) and a scheduled Specialist Clinic appointment, please call 9345 6180. The Clinic staff will talk you through next steps to help your child get the care they need.

    COVID information

    Visit our COVID-19 section for RCH information and resources in English and other languages.

    Visit for general information from the Victorian Department of Health.

    If you need an interpreter, please call TIS National on 131 450.

    We have also developed a simple Factsheet for Kids and COVID-19.