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Epic Mobile Apps Landing Page

  • You can access the EMR on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or iPad from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

    Setting up the Haiku or Canto app on your mobile device is a two-step process: 

      1. Download the Haiku or Canto app to your mobile device.  
      2. Configure the app to connect to the EMR

      Step 1: Download the app - skip this step if you have already downloaded the app.

      Go to to the app store for your device

      search for

      • "Epic Haiku" for iOS and Android smartphones plus Apple Watch
      • "Epic Canto" for iPad

       Come back to this page after you have downloaded the app and accepted the licence agreement

      Step 2: Configure the app

      When you do this you will be prompted if you want to use FaceID/TouchID and notifications. We recommend you say Yes/Allow to each of these.

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