Alternate Apps Setup Page

  • Mobile apps

    • You can access the EMR on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or iPad from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

      There are two apps you can use: Haiku and Canto.

      Setting up the Haiku and Canto app on your mobile device is a two-step process:

      1. Download the Haiku or Canto app to your mobile device.  
      2. Configure the app to connect to the EMR – note: this must be done on your mobile device.

      Step-by-step instructions are below. 

      Which app to use

      Device App name
      iPad Canto
      iPhone or Android phone      Haiku
      Apple Watch  Haiku
      Windows phone  No access 

      Step 1: Download the app - skip this step if you have already downloaded the app.

      Click on this image to access the downloads, and come back to this page afterwards.


    Step 2 After installing the app, come back to this page on your mobile device.

    Click on the relevant link below and your app will be configured for you:


    You should NOT be on the RCH data network when you do this step - use your home wireless or phone data plan to be connected.

          Passwords:     rchhaiku            rchcanto

    • From Your mobile device, select this link for Haiku (Works on the iPhone-iOS and Android )

    • Canto:
    • From your mobile device, select this link for Canto (iPad specific )

    • Getting to this page on your mobile device

      Open a browser window on your device and type in


      copy and E-mail the web address to yourself


      Scan this QR code