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New applications

  • The submission process for a new application depends on the 1) Risk profile of the project and 2) whether it is a single or multisite ethics application. 

    To determine your project's level of risk, please fill out the risk assessment checklist in the REG Application Cover sheet. This checklist will indicate whether your project is a Low and Negligible Risk (LNR) project, or requires full review by the HREC. 

    If your project is high risk, you need to submit it to our office by the relevant deadline. See the HREC and DTS meeting dates. 

    If your project is low risk, you can submit it to our office any time.  

    To submit an application you will need to log in to Ethics Review Manager (ERM). The hospital has a User Guide available. The Department of Jobs, Precincts & Regions (DJPR) also have an Application User Guide.

    See below for more information on the submission processes for different types of applications:

    2023 HREC & DTS meeting dates

    See the HREC and DTS meeting dates. 

    MCRI sponsorship committee

    The MCRI sponsorship committee needs to approve new investigator initiated clinical trials that are not commercially or collaboratively group sponsored. The committee meets on the first Monday of every month to review new trial applications for sponsorship. The committee's role is to identify any requirements for extra indemnity, insurance and contracts for a trial, on a case by case basis. They will advise the Sponsor-Investigator, and REG where necessary, of these requirements. 

    Please review the following for more information: 

    2023 Meeting Dates: 

    • May 1st
    • June 5th
    • July 3rd
    • August 7th
    • September 4th
    • October 2nd
    • November 6th
    • December 4th

    HREC payment fee

    To determine whether fees are applicable to the review of your submission, please review the schedule of RCH HREC Submission fees; the RCH HREC Fee Payment Form only need only be submitted if a fee applies.

    We cannot undertake the ethics review process until payment is received. 

    The RCH does not accept any American Express (AMEX) credit card payments. All other credit card payments will incur a 1.5 per cent surcharge fee. 

    Electronic signatures

    The RCH Research Ethics and Governance (RCH REG) Office support and promote the use of electronic signatures when executing clinical trial governance-related documents including:

    • HREC and Governance Applications
    • Clinical trial research agreements
    • Clinical trial indemnities

    PLEASE NOTE: copies of all clinical trial research agreements and indemnities require review from the Research Ethics & Governance office prior to the request to the relevant signatory. Please email the document to with the HREC application number and state for review prior to requesting signatures. A reply will include whom the electronic signature request should be sent to.