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Child Life Therapy


  • Day Surgery and Pre Admission Resource Centre

    Day Surgery provides a range of surgical procedures that do not require an overnight stay. These visits can be stressful to families.  The Child Life Therapist in this area can work with individual children, either via appointment through the Pre Admission Resource Centre (PARC) or on the day of surgery.

    Pre Admission visits are available to all surgical patients.  Appointments can be made by your referring doctor. For more information about coming to hospital, please visit these links:

    Day Medical

    Children and young people with chronic and long term medical conditions often benefit from individualised procedural support plans. The Child Life Therapist available in Day Medical provides this service as well as a range of condition-specific education, support strategies and distraction.

    Specialist Clinic A 

    The majority of outpatient appointments are carried out in our specialist clinic areas.  Specific Child Life Therapy support is provided to patients attending the fracture clinic, burns clinic, orthopaedic clinic, developmental medicine and pathology (on request).  Individualised procedural support plans can be developed to reduce anxiety and help children and young people understand what their procedure will entail.  This can include the use of calico dolls, photographic preparation books, specialised patient puppets, cognitive distraction etc.

    Please Note: Numbing cream is available and can be applied prior to blood tests in Pathology.  If numbing cream is required, please request it upon arrival to reception. The cream takes approximately 40-50mins to work, so please allow enough time prior to your appointment for it to work.  

    Emergency Department

    Emergency admissions can often be a source of anxiety and stress to both children and their families. The Child Life Therapist in this area is available to provide distraction and support.

    Medical Imaging

    The Medical Imaging Department provides a range of imaging services including CT, MRI, X-ray,Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine.  The Child Life Therapist in this area is available to assist children and young people undergoing imaging with or without sedation or general anaesthetic.  The Child Life Therapist engages families in imaging-specific education and medical play, as well as providing distraction and support during procedures.

    Some children and young people may benefit from Child Life Therapy sessions prior to their day of scanning. Appointments can be booked through Medical Imaging.

    Mock MRI clinic

    Within Medical Imaging, the Child Life Therapy department runs a Mock MRI clinic which allows patients undergoing awake MRIs to learn about what's required and experience a simulated MRI, prior to their actual MRI booking.  If you believe your child would benefit from having a Mock MRI prior to their MRI appointment, please request this at the time of booking, as the clinic is often booked out well in advance.

    Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

    The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit provides specialist care to children and young people with complex medical and nursing needs.  The Child Life Therapist in this area is available to support patients recovering from surgery or undergoing complex medical support.  The Child Life Therapist can provide individualised programs for developmental play, procedure-specific education, pain management strategies as well as distraction during procedures and routine medical care. The Child Life Therapist can also provide support to siblings with education about the PICU.

    Inpatient areas

    Child Life Therapists work in most inpatient areas to provide patients with a range of services during their stay.  These include preparation for procedures and procedural support, medical play, individual play sessions and play programs held in the activity spaces.