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Emergency Department Staff

  • The Royal Children's Hospital Emergency Department is staffed by a medical team consisting of Consultants and Junior Medical Officers alongside a large team of Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. 

    As a tertiary facility, there is a regular rotation of medical staff and graduate nursing staff employed by the emergency department; it is likely that your child may be seen by a doctor in training under the supervision of an emergency specialist. 

    There is a team of Nurse Practitioners (NP's) within the ED that may see your child; NP's are highly trained and able to treat and diagnose patients. Nurse Practitioners are the most senior Registered Nurses and are educated at a Masters Level.

    Our teams are led by the Director and Nurse Unit Manager. 

    Dr. John Cheek
    Acting Emergency Director

    Jayne Hughan
    Nurse Unit Manager

    A strong team of Clerical & Administration staff assists in the daily operation and flow of the department, they are overseen by the Administration & Operations Manager.

    Jennifer Nazareth
    Business Operations Manager

    Ginnine Heaney
    Administration Manager