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Equipment Distribution Centre

Contact the Equipment Distribution Centre

  • Location                                                                  COVID-19 Update:

    The Equipment Distribution Centre                                                          Until further notice, the EDC operates behind closed doors.       
    Basement 2                                                                                                 1. We ship medical supplies to your home (call / email us)
    North Building (Green lifts)                                                                          2. Hire Equipment can be picked up at our back door in  the B2 car park.
    Royal Children's Hospital                                                                                 Hire currently for RCH patients only. Call us prior to visiting us.            
    Flemington Road                                                                                    Important note:
    Parkville 3052                                                                                             The Green lifts no longer descend to B2 level.
    Victoria                                                                                                        Please take Yellow lifts to B2 and follow the EDC arrows.


    Hours of operation

    Monday-Friday 8:30am - 4:00pm (excluding Public Holidays)


    (03) 9345 5325



    (03) 9345 9499