Early Childhood Intervention Services

SOS Fussy Eating Groups

  • Based on the principles of the SOS (Sequential-Oral-Sensory) approach to Fussy Eating, this group program aims to increase children’s tolerance of exposure to new foods and building oral motor skills. Parents attend this group with their children and watch the therapy room via a live stream. There is a parent education program that runs alongside the child group.  

    SOS is an evidence-based approach to working with children who are fussy eaters. 

    Child goals:

    • participate in a play-based group alongside their peers
    • to learn to have positive experiences with food
    • to increase willingness to try different foods

    Parent goals: 

    • to learn the cues to eating
    • to understand the steps that are involved in eating
    • to create a feeding routine at home
    • to know your child’s limits
    • to get support from other parents and staff

    The program is delivered in a small, structured group setting for 8-10 weeks. Groups can be offered during school Terms. 

    A compulsory information session precedes the group based program. The information session aims to address:

    • the SOS approach 
    • explore reasons why their child may be having difficulties with feeding and eating 
    • what can be done at home 

    The SOS program can also be modified and conducted in the home environment with an SOS based therapist.