Early Childhood Intervention Services

About Early Childhood Intervention Services ECIS

  • Our mission: to provide knowledge skills and support to families to optimise the development and participation of each child in their family and community

    RCH ECIS is an Early Childhood Intervention Service supporting families of children with special needs from birth to school age. We are a registered provider of Early Childhood Support under NDIS.

    Having a child with a disability or developmental delay can have a significant impact on both the child and their family. There is evidence that Early Childhood Intervention can help children better engage with their families, kindergarten, school, communities and improve quality of life. We recognise that every family’s circumstances and needs are different and our experienced practitioners provide programs tailored uniquely to every situation.

    We will work with you to help your child become more independent and able to participate in everyday life.

    How do we work?

    We work by providing a team around your child using the key worker model. The Key Worker is the family’s main contact person who will be supporting the family to implement strategies into their daily routines and explore resources. Your Key Worker is an experienced practitioner supported by a team of professionals. On our team we have occupational therapists, speech pathologists, early childhood teachers, psychologists and a physiotherapist.  You can find out more about who is in our team here.

    Where do we work?

    We work with children and families at home or in their childcare or kinder settings. We will work with the significant adults who are in your child’s life, so that there is a co-ordinated approach to their care.

    We also have centre based services that we offer out of our office at 56 Chapman Street North Melbourne. 

    What can we help you with?  

    • Play 
    • Learning 
    • Sleep 
    • Increasing independence in self-care skills   – feeding, toileting, dressing 
    • Feeding reviews
    • Fussy eating
    • Behaviour management 
    • Motor skills- gross motor and fine motor 
    • Communication – development and support 
    • Emotional regulation 
    • Education 
    • Accessing services in the community 
    • School transition 

    We will support you until your child goes to school. 

    When you commence a program with us

    You will receive a home visit from a key worker.

    We will talk to you about the support around your family and your daily routines using the routines based assessment (McWilliam, 2010)

    From this information we will develop a Family Support Plan (FSP) with you

    This describes your family and child’s specific needs; your child’s current skills and abilities; and the measurable goals, strategies and services chosen to support your family, and to promote your child’s development.

    The FSP is developed at the commencement of service and reviewed as needed.