Centrelink information

  • Carer Allowance and Health Care Card for children with type 1 diabetes under 16 years of age.

    Carer Allowance is an additional benefit to the Health Care Card (HCC). HCCs are provided by the Commonwealth Government for all children with type 1 diabetes with an Australian Medicare number who are under the age of 16.  All information for the Carer's allowance is found on the Services Australia website. The allowance is means tested and families must also meet residency requirements.  Click here for the "who can get it" page. 

    More information on Carer Allowance 

    To start your application visit your mygov account. Click here to link Centrelink to your MyGov account

    Complete your claim, and fill out your SA426 Centrelink form (under 16 only) - see your GP or bring the form to your next clinic outpatient appointment. 

    Centrelink reviews all payments when your child turns 16 years old and Carer's Allowance is usually ceased at this time.

    A care receiver 16 or older must meet these rules for their carer to be eligible for Carer Allowance. The person getting care must meet all of the following: 

    • score high enough on the Adult Disability Assessment Determination 2018 (ADAT) 
    • be likely to have the illness or disability for at least 12 months, unless it’s terminal 
    • get care from someone in their home, the carer's home or in hospital. 

    You may apply for an Ex-Carer Allowance (Child) Health Care Card although these applications are not always successful.  

    For assistance please call Centrelink 132 717.