Services we provide

  • The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology includes a multidisciplinary team of endocrinologists, diabetes nurse educators, dietitians and social workers.

    For children and adolescents with diabetes wanting to transfer their care to RCH, a GP referral is needed and if possible, a transfer letter from your current diabetes care provider.  

    Our family focused diabetes service includes:


    • Assessment, care and education at the time of being diagnosed with diabetes, with a possible transfer of care to Wallaby Ward (Hospital in the Home). Support by nurses for the first few days after diagnosis helps adjusting to the diagnosis, undertaking diabetes care activities and consolidating knowledge and skills being learnt during the multidisciplinary appointments    
    • Diabetes care and support when a child or young person is admitted to the hospital with an issue that is not diabetes e.g. if surgery is required.

     Outpatient clinics:

    • A newly diagnosed appointment 3-5 weeks after initial hospitilisation  
    • Ongoing review and assessment every 3-4 months in diabetes clinic by the endocrinology doctor with support in clinic as needed by the multidisciplinary team of diabetes nurses, social workers and dietitians
    • Diabetes Allied Health Clinic twice per week e.g. education for a change of insulin, review if HbA1c has increased, social/emotional support   
    • Intensive education for insulin pump commencement program, upgrading your insulin pump or commencing continuous glucose monitoring
    • Outreach clinics to regional areas including Horsham, Hamilton, and Mildura
    • 24 hour on call diabetes sick day service phone support provided by doctors and diabetes nurses
    • Diabetes nurse educators, dietitians and social workers are available between diabetes clinic appointments if additional support is needed. This support can be provided via phone, email, face to face appointment or telehealth     

    School visiting service:

    RCH is engaged in a pilot program whereby diabetes educators from the RCH visit schools to train staff to ensure the school environment is supportive of diabetes care activities.