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Diabetes webinars

  • Diabetes Sick Day Management. presented by Kathryn Hamilton

    Webinar recorded on 25th July and was presented by diabetes nurse educator Kathryn Hamilton.

    In this webinar we discuss what to do when a child with type 1 diabetes becomes unwell, when to use glucagon, and how to manage your child's illnesses whilst controlling diabetes. These  handy tips and extra knowledge to ensure sick day management is a lot less stressful for everyone.

    Continuous Glucose Monitoring. presented by Professor Fergus Cameron and Rebecca Gebert

    Webinar recorded 10th May and was presented by Professor Fergus Cameron (Endocrinologist) and Rebecca Gebert (Diabetes Nurse Educator)

    In this webinar we will introduce you to the world Continuous Blood Glucose monitoring. What is CGM? Will it improve diabetes management? Is it all that it’s cracked up to be

    Diabetes: Back to Basics. presented by Andrew Boucher

    Missed our first webinar? Diabetes: Back to Basics was recorded on 15th November by Diabetes Allied Health manager, Andrew Boucher. 

    In this webinar we introduce you to the world of webinars, discuss the RCH diabetes service and review the basics of regular insulin dose adjusting. Whether you or your child has had diabetes for days, months or years, this webinar will endeavor to refresh some of the key components of diabetes management and insulin dose adjustments.


    CGM Weekly Webinar - presented by Diabetes Australia

    Want to know whether Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) might be beneficial for your child with type 1 diabetes? Diabetes Australia ran a series of free webinars every week throughout April and May to provide information about the benefits of CGM and the Australian Government’s new subsidy initiative to be delivered through the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS). The Australian Government has just committed to the most significant investment in type 1 technology in over a decade. Over four years, $54 million will be provided to subsidised CGM technology to assist children and young people under 21 years of age who face extra challenges managing their type 1 diabetes. A credentialled diabetes educator, will explain CGM technology available under the NDSS, followed by a presentation by Renza Scibilia, Manager - Type 1 Diabetes and Consumer Voice at Diabetes Australia. Renza will provide detailed answers about the Government's CGM initiative. 

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