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  • School Action and Management Plans for 2024

    All children/students with type 1 diabetes attending early childhood settings, primary or secondary schools in Victoria need to have a current Diabetes Action and Management plan in place to ensure that their diabetes care needs are met. These management have been developed by Diabetes Victoria, The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) and Monash Children’s Hospital, are based on current best practice paediatric guidelines and are reviewed yearly. 

    2024 Diabetes School Action and Management Plans 

    The School Action and Management plans need to be completed by the parent. The Diabetes Nurse Educator (DNE) reviewing the plan will confirm that the plan follows RCH diabetes treatment guidelines and before signing will make changes if required. 
    A signed plan will be returned to parents/carers which needs to be taken to school and signed by both parents/carer and the school/centre representative.

    You will find information in the boxes above about:

    • some hints and tips for students in senior years of school including links to VCAA about special consideration arrangements
    • links to the diabetes childhood setting action and management plans
    • links to the diabetes school action and management plans
    • how to contact the RCH team to request a plan if you do not have access to a printer or cannot navigate the plans
    • medication authority forms for children requiring supervision of their insulin injections or pump button pushing
    • the diabetes in schools education program including online learning modules
    • what preparation is needed for school camps if a student has type 1 diabetes
    • the Diabetes Victoria teacher seminars 

    In addition, some general information that might be of interest 

    The Diabetes in Schools Program has information on exams with links to state specific resources as well as pages on 

    Most schools are very supportive of children's special needs and communicating clearly with the school and your child’s teacher ensures everyone's expectations are met. 

    Last updated October 2023