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School resources

  • Diabetes in schools Program

    The Diabetes in Schools program is a nationally funded program, developed to provide information, training and support for schools and families to better support students living with type 1 diabetes. The RCH was one of 3 diabetes centres from around Australia chosen to roll out the program in 2020, by sending diabetes educators out on school visits to teach school staff how to support children to manage their diabetes at school. The COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to our plans, and school education was limited to Telehealth sessions until 2021. Since the start of this year our team has finally been able to get on the road, visiting schools in the Melbourne metropolitan area.  

    If your child’s school would like information about training to support diabetes care, visit:   

    You can alert the school about the program by completing the “Tell a School form” by scrolling down to the bottom of the above webpage. Alternatively, the school principal can request training.

    The program is not yet funded for childcare and kindergartens, however if your child’s early learning centre requires training they can access the Diabetes in Schools online modules at the website above. They will need a specific access code so please get in touch with your diabetes educator to obtain this.

    Diabetes in schools online learning modules

    The Diabetes in Schools online education package has been developed by Diabetes Victoria, working together with The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) and Monash Children’s hospitals.

    The package consists of self-directed learning modules that can be easily accessed by all school staff. The modules help to ensure that all school staff understand type 1 diabetes and how it impacts on a student’s day to day life, are aware of Diabetes Action and Management plans and know how to respond appropriately to students experiencing hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia. There are also a number of resources available on this platform for staff wanting to deepen their knowledge of type 1 diabetes.

    You will need to register as a school staff member or a parent/carer.

    2021 School action and management plans

    The Department of Education and Training (Victoria) require the Diabetes Victoria Diabetes Management Plan to be used in all early childhood education and care services, primary and secondary schools in the government, Catholic and Independent sectors in Victoria.  These management plans are based on current best practice evidence for diabetes care for young people with type 1 diabetes.. 

    Request a 2021 school plan by an RCH diabetes nurse educator (School plan requests through this link are for RCH patients only). 

    Once the form is completed a DNE will complete the school plan for you and will post it to you in the mail. Please allow two weeks for this to occur. 

    To view the school plans as a blank PDF please visit the Diabetes Victoria website where you can print and complete your own school plan to then be signed by your diabetes treating team.

    School camps 

    Going on school camp can be an exciting adventure for children. Sometimes parents are worried that the school will not know how to look after their child's diabetes care needs. A dedicated school plan prepared by your diabetes team will help the teachers plan how best to support your child. Preparing a plan takes time so requests must be made at least 3 weeks before your school needs it. 

    Please fill in the required information for a school camp plan request. We will send the plan back to you via email. 

    Diabetes Victoria teachers seminars

    Seminars are run each month by Diabetes Victoria to offer teachers and school support staff the opportunity to expand their knowledge and become more confident in supporting and facilitating the day to day school experience on children with type 1 diabetes. Sessions will include information about diabetes and diabetes management and practical workshops covering a variety of specialised topics in more detail including monitoring, pumps, and camps.

    Seminars are run in Melbourne and Geelong as well as across regional Victoria.

    For more information please visit the Diabetes Victoria website

    Further information for schools

    Most schools are very supportive of children with special needs, however communicating clearly with the school and your child’s teacher is vital. The following PDF documents have been developed to assist you in giving your child’s teacher the information they will need to keep your child happy and well. Being aware of some of the common misconceptions about diabetes and problems that may occur at school can guide you in what to discuss.