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Privacy statement for technology

  • Important information regarding the terms and conditions of your cloud based data

    The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) takes your private information very seriously. It is important when some technology is agreed as a treatment option, you have read and understood the relevant company’s terms and conditions of use.

    Almost all current diabetes technologies such as insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors rely on cloud based technology to allow both the user and the treating team to view the data. The ability to review this data and share it with the treating team is vital to managing diabetes. It is important that you are aware of how these companies manage your data. When you register to use the uploading or recording facility of the device you will be asked to agree to a series of terms and conditions. Within these terms and conditions are privacy statements about how the companies may use the data. For some systems, the RCH is required to agree on behalf of a user who is already registered. This is so we can see the data to provide clinical advice, but this does override the terms agreed to by the user at initial registration.

    There is no suggestion that any data is or has been used inappropriately, but we strongly recommend that families are aware of what is being agreed to by accepting terms and conditions.

    Last updated: October 2022