For referrers

  • Prior to completing a referral for a child with a developmental question please refer to the information and requirements outlined in the pre-referral guideline.

    Download the referral form.

    Who can refer?

    Referrals for a paediatrician can only be accepted from medical practitioners.

    If you are an allied health professional or maternal and child health nurse please refer children with developmental concerns to their GP, with relevant assessments and reports suggesting review with a local paediatrician.

    Referrals for a second opinion, diagnostic question, or failed intervention in the community regarding speech and language can be accepted from community speech pathologists.  For more information regarding speech pathology referrals please visit the RCH Speech Pathology website.

    General practitioners

    When to refer to the RCH for developmental concerns

    • If the RCH is the closest paediatric health service to the child and/ or there are no closer public or community services available
    • The child has complex medical issues currently coordinated through the RCH
    • Community management with allied health clinicians and paediatricians has not adequately addressed the child/ family goals.  
    • After the referrer has completed/ coordinated the initial workup (see below)

    Exclusion criteria 

    Referrals will not be accepted at the RCH for developmental issues where local public specialist clinics and/or community health services are available to make initial assessments or where there is not enough information stated in the referral to make an informed and accurate triage decision.

    Information regarding autism assessments can be found on the RCH Autism and Developmental Assessment page.


    May refer children for diagnostic concerns or a second opinion.