About Comfort Kids

  • "It's everyone's business to minimise pain, distress and anxiety during routine procedures"

    Nitrous child and nurse mask/ distraction  

    Our philosophy

    • To provide the best possible experience for all children undergoing medical procedures, supporting their families and the health professionals
    • Understanding the needs of children and families undergoing medical procedures, ensuring their voices are heard 
    • Empower families to help during medical procedures, provide coping and resilience skills
    • Collaborate with health professionals, health services and consumers to implement quality outcomes 
    • Provide clinical leadership, education and training, consultation and support in the management of procedural pain and distress
    • Provide consultation and governance for safe and effective Procedural Sedation at the RCH (ward and ambulatory areas) 
    • Identify innovative strategies, support sustainable practice and promote cultural change in Procedural Pain Management

    Principles of procedural pain management

    6 P's of Procedural Pain Management

    RCH  Procedural Pain Management Clinical Practice Guideline 

    The goal of procedural pain management at the RCH is to minimise pain, distress and anxiety associated with medical procedures. Managing procedural pain is best achieved with a multi-modal approach, combining non-pharmacological and pharmacological interventions

    The Comfort Kids Program is is proudly sponsored by the staff and customers of Woolworths