Moving on from Butterfly

  • When the time is right for you and your baby, you will move on from Butterfly. Most babies who leave the ward go home, either directly or via our transition-to-home area called Care by Parent. 

    About one third of babies move on to other wards within The Royal Children's Hospital or go back to their referring hospital or a hospital closer to home. If your baby is planned for transfer to another ward, we can arrange for you to have a tour of the ward before the transfer so you can see the new space and meet some of the staff.

    If your baby is planned for transfer to another hospital, they will be moved with PIPER, the state-wide newborn transport service. This will be planned at least a day in advance and we will ensure you are told a time and date as soon as we know it. Sometimes a parent can travel with the baby but this depends on room being available in the ambulance and that is not always the case. If you want to travel with your baby, please ask us and we will see if PIPER are able to accommodate you.

    Sadly, a very small number of babies each year do not survive to leave with their parents. These patients usually receive Palliative (comfort) Care before they pass.

    Care by parent

    Before going home you may be offered an opportunity to room-in with your baby in Care by Parent. This means you stay with your baby within the hospital on Level 2 in the Overnight Accommodation Area and care for them overnight. 

    The aim of rooming-in is to give you more confidence in caring for your baby, while still having the support of staff close by to help you if you need it. Many parents choose to stay one or two nights but some may need to stay for longer, depending on the level of care their baby will need at home.

    Talk to your Care Team about rooming-in so we can book it in advance for you.

    Will I be ready to take my baby home?

    Yes! If you work through the COCOON educational resources via the app or website with our team during your baby's stay, you will feel more prepared for your baby’s discharge. The earlier you start the process after admission, the earlier you will feel comfortable taking care of your baby’s day-to-day needs and the smoother the path will be to going home.