Clinical Practice Guidelines

Asthma Action Plan



Do you wish to include information on preventers?

Medication 1 Medication 2
Medication 1 Dose Medication 2 Dose
Medication 1 Frequency Medication 2 Frequency

Other preventer instructions

Reliever medication

You must specify a reliever medication and dose

General instructions for attacks

Prednisolone for acute exacerbations

Do you want to enter prednisolone details on the printed plan?

It is generally recommended that the family commence prednisolone for acute episodes which do not respond to bronchodilator alone - approx 1mg/kg daily, rounded to nearest convenient dose in mls or halves of 25mg tabs, max dose 50mg

Prednisolone:  mg daily for 3 days
Prednisolone comments

Current episode

Do you wish to include specific information for the current episode?

If yes, the following general instructions will be printed on your patients Asthma Plan

  • Take your reliever as often as required until symptoms settle.
  • See your doctor or return to hospital if symptoms are getting worse or not settling.
  • Remember to continue your usual dose of preventer medication if you have one.
  • Take the prescribed dose of prednisolone

Other instructions for attacks

Sports or Exercise

Do you wish to include instructions for what to do if symptoms are induced by sport?

The following will appear on the plan:

If this usually makes you wheezy, take 2 puffs of *[reliever medication] before starting.

You may need to repeat the dose if you also get symptoms during sport.

*The selected reliver medication will appear here on the generated .pdf Asthma Action Plan document

You should print 3 copies of the generated action plan - one for the family, one for the notes, and one for the GP

If you have any comments or feedback you would like to give us on the Asthma Action Plan please email Mike South