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  • About the clinic

    The Encopresis Clinic at the Centre for Community Child Health was established to help children who regularly soil their underwear (encopresis) or who have wetting problems (enuresis) in combination with soiling.

    Patients are bulk billed for their consultations and therefore will need a referral from their general practitioner.

    About Encopresis

    Encopresis or soiling problems usually build up over a period of time and may be associated with constipation or apparent diarrhoea. Most children have no control over the soiling. Some children have wetting associated with their soiling or have wetting problems only. Night time wetting is normal up to around 7 years of age, daytime wetting is more problematic at an earlier age.

    Each child has a full paediatric assessment, including overall development, associated behaviours, emotional development and family function.

    Management usually consists of a regular toileting program, keeping a diary and using laxatives. Older children with night time wetting may need to use an enuresis alarm. Liaison is made with schools to minimise feelings of embarrassment and to ensure the appropriate toileting program. Links with continence nurses and gastroenterology specialists at The Royal Children's Hospital are made when required.

    Clinic staff include consultant paediatricians, senior paediatric trainees and clinic coordinators. There may be teaching and research activities in the clinic.

  • Make an appointment

    To make an appointment for this clinic, a referral from the child's doctor needs to be forwarded to the Community Child Health Specialist Clinic.

    Forward a referral to the clinic via:

    Fax: (03) 9345 5034

    Phone: (03) 9345 6180

    Please note:

    • You must have a referral from a doctor. Please note that a referral from your GP is valid for 12 months and a referral from a specialist is valid for three months. This must be forwarded to the clinic before an appointment can be made.
    • You will be asked if the child has a UR number (Unit Record Number) from The Royal Children's Hospital. If the child has attended The Royal Children's Hospital before, they will have a UR number. If the child has not attended The Royal Children's Hospital before, registration details will be completed at the first visit.

    Contact Clinics

    All clinics are held at the Specialist Clinics of the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.  

    Visit the Specialist Clinics page for more information.


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