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  • What is Platforms?

    A place-based service redevelopment framework.

    Communities are well placed and have a vested interest to support child development. To be able to do this, communities need:

    • Services that are engaged with and respond to the needs of their community;
    • Services that work together;
    • Services that plan and evaluate their work with the intended outcomes in mind; and
    • Local leadership.

    The Platforms Service Redevelopment Framework has been developed by the Royal Children’s Hospital Centre for Community Child Health to help communities undertake this work. Platforms is based on the compelling research about the impact of the early years on the life course, in addition to the emerging evidence about how communities can make a difference for children and their families.

    Platforms can help communities:

    • build community partnerships to lead the reconfiguration of services 
    • identify, plan and respond to the needs of their children 
    • monitor and evaluate their work to ensure outcomes for children are improving

    Platforms has been tested in our work with communities across Australia where communities are integrating child and family services.

    The Platforms process is demonstrated in the Platforms Framework Roadmap (PDF).

    How can I access Platforms?

    A Platforms training program and resource have been designed to equip those working in the early years sector with the knowledge and skills required to implement Platforms. The training program consists of five modules that may be taken consecutively or independently. Platforms tailored workshops, facilitator training, and consultancy support are also available to communities and services. 

    Queensland Platforms Project

    Between 2014-2015, the Centre for Community Child Health, in partnership with the Queensland Department of Education and Training, implemented the Queensland Platforms Project (QPP). The QPP aimed to build a common and collaborative culture between the early childhood education and care sector and community members to create an understanding of local needs and priorities, and a shared commitment between services and community members to improve outcomes for local children and families.

    Three pilot locations participated in the Queensland Platforms Project from July 2014 – December 2015:

    • Gympie
    • Gold Coast
    • Laidley and Hatton Vale.

    To find out more about the project and read the final report, visit the Queensland Platforms Project website. 

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