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Platforms training

  • Platforms is a place-based, community-led approach developed by the Centre for Community Child Health. Platforms seeks to improve the environments and experiences of the children in the communities in which they are born, live, learn and grow.  

    Platforms training provides guidance on how to strength community ‘platforms’ – such as safe and supportive neighbourhoods, connected families and high-quality services - for better health and equity for children and their families.

    Training is offered as a series of interactive workshops. Participants will explore the phases and steps of the Platforms approach. Each workshop emphasises working in partnership and genuine community engagement.

    Platforms training is co-designed with you

    Our CCCH training team are experienced at working with organisations in adapting Platforms training approaches to meet specific needs and contexts. Our approach to working with your organisation will model the Platforms approach by co-designing workshops with you and other local stakeholders.

    Examples of Platforms training delivered in Australia

    • Delivery of two day workshops, within and across organisations that cover individual phases of the Platforms approach.
    • Customised Platforms workshops tailored to particular needs, eg: training people across organisations in a series of workshops over an extended period to support the application of the Platforms approach in communities.
    • Delivery of a series of modules that follow the whole Platforms roadmap.
    • Training practitioners to facilitate the Platforms approach in communities.
    • Conference presentations
    • Facilitated on-line seminars for groups working together with a specific focus

    Contact the Training and Development team to book Platforms training. 

    Guided Platforms Conversation

    If you think Platforms could be useful for your unique context, but are unsure of how best to explore its possibilities, a Guided Platforms Conversation could be a great place to start.

    A Guided Platforms Conversation with an experienced CCCH team member will allow you to discuss your specific community context, characteristics and experiences, and consider how Platforms could be applied to help you meet your goals. It’s an opportunity to explore the suitability of Platforms and consider the various resources and strategies that can be tailored to meet your particular needs.

    • Cost: $150
    • Duration: 2 hours

    Please contact the Training and Development team to book your Guided Platforms conversation.

    Platforms Training includes:

    “Platforms was such a refreshing training to go through! There was no boring PowerPoint and presenters were not talking ‘at’ the participants. The training was incredibly powerful – it taught me the importance of working alongside communities in a true collaborative approach. It taught me the value of reflection and the importance of seeing my ‘clients’ as human beings. Before Platforms, I never experienced anything like it. The training was very powerful as it provided not only evidence based material, but personal insights and learnings. The impact of the training was immediate – I implemented what I learned the next day as I found the training content very practical and real. The facilitators were by far the most engaging and insightful training facilitators I have experienced. I would recommend this training to any professional working with people regardless of the speciality or sector, as well as management and leaders of organisations.”

         - Testimonial from past participant

    Introduction to the Platforms approach: Working together for children and families


    Platforms is an approach to improving children’s wellbeing through community-led change developed by the Centre for Community Child Health and is based on working in partnership with community.

    This introductory workshop provides an overview of the Platforms approach, including its rationale, principles and intended impact.  

    Learning Outcome:  Participants understand the Platforms approach for improving children’s wellbeing through community-led change.

    Please contact us to discuss your training needs

    ENGAGE: Lay the foundations for change

    Step 1: Engage and mobilise the community

    Step 2: Begin building respectful relationships


    Community engagement provides the foundation for making a lasting difference to children’s lives in the community. The workshop for ENGAGE focuses on engaging community stakeholders, raising awareness about the need for change and building respectful relationships to enable community-led action that can improve outcomes for children.

    Learning Outcome: Participants understand and/or further develop their skills in relation to the principles and practices required for authentic community engagement.

    Please contact us to discuss your training needs

    BUILD: Build a community partnership

    Step 1: Establish or strengthen a community partnership

    Step 2: Develop a working together agreement

    Step 3: Create a shared vision for change


    A strong community partnership is one that works together with a united vision for improving children’s lives. The community partnership will determine how change is planned, brought to life and realised. The training workshop for BUILD focuses on building a strong community partnership and a commitment to working together.

    Learning Outcome: Participants are equipped with practical skills, concepts and ideas that contribute to partnership development.

    Please contact us to discuss your training needs

    LEARN: Learn about the community together

    Step 1: Prepare for learning together

    Step 2: Hear from the community

    Step 3: Select a shared priority

    Step 4: Pause and reflect


    Learning about the community focuses on the process of learning together. This training workshop for LEARN requires the partnership to appreciate the wisdom and expertise community members will bring to the process, hear the community’s stories and experiences, and build ways of respectfully working alongside community members as co-learners. At the end of this phase, the partnership will select a priority to focus their future work together.

    Learning Outcome: Participants understand and/or further develop their skills in relation to learning in partnership about the community

    Please contact us to discuss your training needs

    ACT: Design, test and implement solutions

    Step 1: Learn more and design together

    Step 2: Select powerful solutions

    Step 3: Test and adapt

    Step 4: Implement and monitor


    The training workshop for ACT invites the partnership to take action together by designing, testing and implementing solutions. It begins by focusing on the community priority agreed in LEARN. As the partnership builds trust and momentum, the process of designing, testing and implementing solutions can be expanded to other community priorities. ACT requires skilled and thoughtful coordination to ensure people are well supported and that community members continue to contribute as equal partners throughout the process.

    Learning Outcome: Participants have the understanding and/or skills and knowledge to work in partnership to design, test and implement community-led change.

    Please contact us to discuss your training needs

    REVIEW: Review, share and refine

    Step 1: Develop a partnership learning plan

    Step 2: Reflect on the information together

    Step 3: Share and celebrate

    Step 4: Consider next steps


    The training workshop for REVIEW invites the partnership to consider the key insights, lessons and impacts emerging across the partnership. It prompts the partnership to reflect on how the practice and culture of working in partnership is unfolding, and to share and celebrate success. REVIEW should not be seen as the end of the process, rather as a phase that is undertaken regularly to inform the partnership’s next steps to improve the lives of young children and their families.

    Learning Outcome: Participants understand the practice of review and reflection to sustain community engagement and community-led change.

    Please contact us to discuss your training needs


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