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Our team

  • Senior management

    Professor Susan Sawyer

    CAH - Susan Sawyer 

    Director, Centre for Adolescent Health


    Professor Craig Olsson


    Group Leader, Adolescent Health

    Professor Stuart Kinner

    CAH - Stuart Kinner 

    Group Leader, Justice Health

    A/Professor Peter Azzopardi

    Peter A 

    Group Leader, Adolescent Health

    Laura Griffith


    Executive Assistant / Strategic Support



    Education and training

    The Centre for Adolescent Health, through the  Department of Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne, offers a range of online postgraduate courses. Visit the page for further information. 


    Dr Anitra Wierenga
    T: +61 3 9345 6676 

    Helen D Administrator

     Helen D'Cruz 
     T: +61 39345 6671  


    Subject coordinators Dr Ani Wierenga

    • Andrea Krelle
    • Bern Murphy
    • Hennie Williams
    • Kristina Bennett
    • Lucy Holland
    • Dr Monika Raniti
    • Toni Lindsay


    CAH - Kristina Bennett Manager

     Kristina Bennett
     T: +61 3 9345 6535

    2000 stories

    The 2000 Stories project is a landmark longitudinal study spanning almost 30 years. It is comprised of two studies, the original Victorian Adolescent Health Cohort (VAHCS) Study – which recruited 2000 year 9 students in 1992; and the Victorian Intergenerational Health Cohort Study (VIHCS) study, which recruited children from the original participants. 

    Ari Graf 

    CAH - Carolina Murphy 

    Carolina Murphy 

     Elizabeth Spry 

    Elizabeth Spry

    Hanafi Mohamad Husin 

    Hanafi Mohamad Husin

    CAH - Steph Aarsman 

    Stephanie Aarsman

    Australian Temperament Project (ATP)

    The ATP is a three generation longitudinal study of social and emotional development that has followed over 2000 Young Australians and their families from infancy to adulthood over 15 waves since 1983 (Generation 1 and 2), and over 1000 offspring cohort offspring (Generation 3) since 2012.


    Annette Hall

    CAH - Chris Greenwood 

    Dr Chris Greenwood


    Prof Craig Olsson

    Peter F 

    Dr Peter Fransquet 

    CAH - Primrose Letcher 

    Dr Primrose Letcher

      CAH - Sophie Barker 

    Sophie Barker 

    Communities that Care Australia (CTC) / International Youth Development Study (IYDS)

    CTC is an evidence-based process implemented at the community level to reduce youth health and behaviour problems and promote healthy development. IYDS is a long-term study that began 2002, that looks at the development of healthy and problem behaviours among young people in the state of Victoria, Australia, and the state of Washington, United States.

    CAH - Amber Osborn 

    Amber Osborn

    CAH - Rachel Smith 

    Rachel Smith


    Global Health

    The world now has the largest group of young people there will ever be on the planet. How they grow during the adolescent years will affect not only their own health later in life but the contribution they will make to their societies in the future. Our studies describe these changing patterns of health and growth as countries undergo major transitions economically, nutritionally, demographically and epidemiologically. Visit the global health page to learn more.


    Cristina De Nicolas Izquierdo


    Dr Ella Cehun

    CAH - Kate Francis 

    Kate Francis

    CAH - Molly O'Sullivan 

    Molly O'Sullivan


    Dr Monika Raniti

    Peter A 

    A/Prof Peter Azzopardi


    Dr Ruth Aston



    Justice Health

    Young people and adults who come into contact with the criminal justice system are among society’s most vulnerable. They are distinguished by a high prevalence of complex, co-occurring health problems, typically set against a backdrop of entrenched disadvantage. Visit the justice health page to learn more.


    Alex Campbell

    Jesse Young 

    Dr Jesse Young


    Lindsay Pearce


    Dr Lucas Ferreira

    CAH - Rohan Borschmann 

    Dr Rohan Borschmann

    The Child to Adult Transition Study (CATS)

    CATS is a unique longitudinal study following over 1200 children as they transition through puberty to adolescence and from primary school to secondary. 

    CAH - Carolina Murphy 

    Dr Carolina Murphy


    Dongmei Luo 


    Dr Ellie May Robson

    Hanafi Mohamad Husin 

    Hanafi Mohamad Husin

    CAH - Louise Canterford 

    Louise Canterford


    Dr Nandi Vijayakumar 


    Paige Farrow 

    Honorary staff

    • Carolyn Coffey
    • Claire Burton
    • Claire Wilson
    • Danielle Pogos
    • Delyse Hutchinson
    • Elissa Kennedy
    • Felice Jacka
    • George Youssef
    • Holly Erskine
    • Ian Williams
    • Jacqui Macdonald
    • Jennifer Marino
    • Jennifer McIntosh
    • Jenny Proimos
    • Jesse Young
    • Jessica Heerde
    • John Toumbourou
    • Julian Simmons
    • Libby Hughes
    • Lisa Mundy
    • Louisa Degenhardt
    • Michelle Telfer
    • Nick Allen
    • Nicola Reavley
    • Nola Firth
    • Rianna Chapman
    • Sheryl Hemphill
    • Silja Kosola
    • Stephanie Plenty
    • Susan Skinner
    • Tracy Evans-Whipp

    Visiting scholars

    • Prof Tianjio Chen
    • Dr Leelaraprin Chongwatanswat

    To see the full list, please visit the CAH International Fellows page.


    • Dongmei Luo
    • Ebony Biden
    • Farnaz Sabet
    • Jackson Newberry-Dupe 

    • Joyce Cleary
    • Karly Cini
    • Heidi Renner
    • Margaretha

    To see the full list, please visit the  CAH Student Project page.

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