The Adolescent Health and Social Environments Program AHSEP

  • Note: this is a past research project that is now complete.

    The Adolescent Health and Social Environments (AHSEP) Program, researched capacity building for promoting health in young people's key social environments, such as schools and communities.

    This program grew out of earlier work in the Gatehouse Project, which focussed on promoting student connectedness to school as a key protective factor for a range of health and education outcomes. The research demonstrated a reduction in health risk behaviours for young people as well as system level changes within schools.


    • Baker Foundation
    • Flora & Frank Leith Charitable Trust
    • Murdoch Children's Research Institute
    • The Cass Foundation Limited


    Butler, H., Bond, L., Drew, S., Krelle, A., Seal, I. 2005. Doing It Differently: Improving Young People’s Engagement with School. Melbourne: Brotherhood of St Laurence.


    Information about AHSEP is being incorporated into the Gatehouse Project website.