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    News Articles

    Firth, N. (2009a, 14 July 2009). Doctor does a new round. Macedon Ranges Telegraph.

    Firth, N. (2009b, 14 July 2009). Dyslexia study award for doctor - Bullengaroo expert to travel to three countries. Leader - Sunbury.

    Firth, N. (2009c, 10 August 2009). When learning's a disability. The Age.

    Hemphill, S. A. (2009a, 28 Nov 2009). Aussie boys more violent. Herald Sun.

    Hemphill, S. A. (2009b, 28 Nov 2009). Aussie boys top US in violence. Courier Mail.

    Hemphill, S. A. (2009c, 27 Nov 2009). Australian boys 'violent'. The Age.

    Hemphill, S. A. (2009d, 28 Nov 2009). Australian boys violent. The Examiner.

    Hemphill, S. A. (2009e, 27 Nov 2009). Boys more violent than in US. Sydney Morning Herald.

    Hemphill, S. A. (2009f, 27 Nov 2009). Our boys beat US. MX Brisbane.

    Hemphill, S. A. (2009g, 27 April 2009). Suspension rarely the best response. The Age.

    Hemphill, S. A. (2009h, 28 Nov 2009). We're more violent: Australian boys. Northern Daily Leader.

    Patton, G. C. (2009a, 13 April 2009). Alcohol for teenagers 'never safe'. The Age.

    Patton, G. C. (2009b, 4 November 2009). Does letting teens have small amounts of alcohol from early on teach them to drink sensibly? West Australian