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    Book Chapters

    Glover, S., & Butler, H. (2004). Facilitating health promotion within school communities. In R. Moodie & a. Hulme (Eds.), Hands-on Health Promotion (pp. 299-310). Melbourne: IP Communications.

    Sawyer, S. M. (2004). Sexuality and Reproduction. In E. Widerman, B. Palys, & J. R. Palys (Eds.), Now that I have CF (pp. 124-130): Solvay Pharmaceuticals.

    News Articles

    Sawyer, S. M. (2004a, 20 August 2004). Anorexia web sites glorifying disease. Australian Doctor.

    Sawyer, S. M. (2004b, 6 December 2004). Are teens savvy on sex? The Age.

    Sawyer, S. M. (2004c, 13 June 2004). Mind your own medicine. Sunday Age.

    Sawyer, S. M. (2004d, 28 November 2004). Push on pill for schools. Sunday Herald Sun.