Publications 1999

  • Journal Articles

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    Book Chapter

    Rimington, H., Forer, D., Walsh, B., & Sawyer, S. M. (1999). Paying attention to self: A peer support program for young people with parental metnal health issues. In V. Cowling (Ed.), Children of parents with mental illness (pp. 169-173). Melbourne: Australian Council for Educational Research.

    News Articles

    Bonomo, Y. (1999, 14 November 1999). Herb lifts brainpower - same night booze cure. Sunday Herald Sun.

    Patton, G. C. (1999, 28 July 1999). Coping skills: a $1.5 million project sets out to help students find strategies to overcome the stresses of modern life. The Age (Education).

    Sawyer, S. M. (1999a, 6 December 1999). Girls in more danger. Herald Sun.

    Sawyer, S. M. (1999b, 10 July 1999). Saturday night bulimia claim. Herald Sun.

    Sawyer, S. M. (1999c, 08 December 1999). SunSmart ads will target adolescents. The Age.

    Sawyer, S. M. (1999d, 06 December 1999). Violence up against girls. Herald Sun.

    Toumbourou, J. W. (1999, 9 August 1999). Angst fuels teenage crime rates. The Age