Communities that Care Australia

  • About Communities That Care

    Communities That Care (CTC) was initiated in Australia with the vision of promoting the healthy development of children and young people through long term community planning to prevent health and social problems. The Centre for Adolescent Health has been providing research and technical support for this best-practice initiative. Communities That Care is moving to become an independent service while retaining research links with the Centre for Adolescent Health.

    Some key achievements

    • Victorian adaptation and trial of the Communities That Care youth survey (Victorian Health and Wellbeing Survey). Establishment of a company Communities That Care Ltd through collaboration between The Rotary Club of Melbourne and the Royal Children's Hospital.
    • Fundraising enabling the purchase of national licensing rights from the United States program developers. Capacity building trainings and key staff appointments.
    • Development of new community planning survey tools. Completion of the International Youth Development Survey to prospectively test the Communities That Care youth survey.
    • Three Australian "pioneer" communities (see below) have been successfully implementing the Communities That Care process since 2001. All three sites have built and maintained strong coalitions, sustained their momentum to complete major community training activities, completed assessments of and prioritized risk and protective factors to be targeted by local prevention efforts, assessed local community resources, and developed and disseminated their local prevention plans. Hence, the Communities That Care planning process has been successfully completed within at least some areas in all three of these sites.

    The vision for Communities That Care

    To be a learning organisation that:

    • Provides services that empower community movement towards positive youth development through evidence based prevention strategies.
    • Is known and respected across Australia for its competence and professionalism for the implementation of prevention strategies.

    Pioneer Communities

    Three "Pioneer Communities" are successfully implementing Communities That Care.

    Investing In Our Youth - Greater Bunbury Western Australia

    The first fully operational Communities That Care site in Australia has been led by Investing in Our Youth. Their website provides access to a terrific variety of valuable information including details of the research and planning reports that are guiding activities in their community.

    Contact: Carmen Gregg - Project Officer
    Phone/Fax 08 9721 6951

    Communities That Care Mornington Peninsula

    Communities That Care Mornington Peninsula involves a strong partnership with local government. This group is well down the road in their ambitious objective of implementing Communities That Care "Local Area Groups" in all sections of this large municipality.

    Contact:Diana Almond - Team Leader
    Phone: 03 5950 1642

    Strengthening Generations Ballarat

    With the completion of prevention planning reports for the Wendouree and Delacombe/ Sebastopol sites the Strengthening Generations team is now focussed on their next goal of securing the funding to implement these plans.


    Jodie Downey - Project Officer
    Phone: 03 5320 5593

    Contact person:John Toumbourou
    Phone: 0419 582 889
     Staff working on project:Prof. John W. Toumbourou
     Project Start Date:January, 2000
     Estimate Completion Date:On going

    Seminar - The Economic Benefits of Community-based Prevention

    Seminar - Community planning to reduce alcohol-related problems for children and young people