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Behaviour Exchange Systems Training BEST PLUS

  • Note: this is a past research project that is now complete. 


    The BEST PLUS program is an eight-week program for parents and families affected by youth drug and alcohol use. The program is a flexible and evidence based intervention that is able to promote family re-unification and cohesion.

    Evaluations over the past three years support the BEST Plus program as an effective forum for parents and siblings of youth drug users. The program assists families to redevelop positive family environments that encourage responsible behaviour and recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

    The BEST Plus program was recently modified to help families cope with other high risk and disruptive behaviours in addition to drug and alcohol abuse. The program can now offer the benefits of its interventions to families who are struggling to manage a wider range of adolescent behavioural problems,

    The BEST Plus program is currently undergoing further evaluation to test its effectiveness as a multi-family model that can be used in a community setting to improve family relationships. As part of this trial the intervention is being piloted across various services in Victoria and with a number of services in different Australian states who have shown interest in evaluating the program. One longer-term goal of this project is to complete a controlled evaluation trial.


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    John Toumbourou