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Adolescent Friendly Hospital Survey

  • Note: this is a past research project that is now complete.


    Adol_friendly_hospitalA report released by the Centre for Adolescent Health provides the answers to important questions about the quality of care provided to adolescents within a children’s hospital. This report is in response to previous work that demonstrated that the health issues affecting adolescents require different responses from the hospital as a system (as compared to younger children) and that the hospital needs to engage more effectively with young people themselves as they mature (not just with their parents), in order to promote young people’s growing capacity for self-management. On behalf of the RCH, the Centre for Adolescent Health set out to explore:  

    • what are the indicators of adolescent friendly healthcare for adolescent patients in a hospital setting?
    • how do we measure adolescent friendly healthcare in a hospital setting?
    • what is the adolescent friendliness of the health care provided by the RCH, as rated by our adolescent patients and their parents?

    The Towards an Adolescent Friendly Children's Hospital report outlines the processes undertaken and shares the results of the first ever representative survey of adolescent patients and their families at a children’s hospital.


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