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    The 2000 stories project (Victorian Adolescent Health Cohort) is a landmark longitudinal study spanning over 20 years. The project began in 1992, when a group of around 2000 Year 9 students (14-15 years of age) were selected to participate. Our participants completed 6 interviews at school age (from Years 9 – 12), and 3 interviews in young adulthood (aged around 21, 24 and 29). Thanks to the support of our dedicated participants, over 75% of our original cohort participated in the most recent interview. We’re currently undertaking our tenth round of interviews as our participants reach age 35.

    The first six surveys alone created one of the most comprehensive pictures of adolescent development to date. We looked at many aspects of teenage health and behaviour, including mental health, personality and behaviour, school, family, and drug and alcohol use. This information has been used to improve the health of future generations by influencing policy and informing prevention programs. More recently, we have focussed on how teenage experiences, health and lifestyles may affect physical and emotional health in adulthood. Our findings have helped bring global attention to the important role of adolescence in shaping future health.

    We’re now also speaking to participants about their experiences of pregnancy and parenthood as part of a parallel study, ‘2000 stories: The next generation’. This is one of the first prospective multi-generational studies in the world to look at how a parent’s lifestyle, health and behaviour before pregnancy (including adolescence and young adulthood), as well as during and after pregnancy, might influence their child’s health and development. This will help to promote healthier and happier families. 


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    Contact person:

    Liz Spry
    Ph: 9345 7913

    Staff working on project:
    • Yvette Alway
    • Denise Becker
    • Rohan Borschmann
    • Stephen Hearps
    • Charlotte Hudson
    • Meaghan Maguire
    • Caroline Murphy
    • George Patton
    • Anna Snell
    • Elizabeth Spry 
    Project Start Date: 1992
    Funded until 2018
    Estimate Completion Date: on-going