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Research training

  • Research Training and Research Student Placements  

    The Centre for Adolescent Health hosts both local and international research students and researchers. Placements can be for variable periods through honorary academic appointments within the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute or the University of Melbourne.

    Research placements provide an opportunity to work with world leaders in adolescent health; access to various research platforms (e.g. domestic cohort studies, global health metrics, clinical studies); and training in various research methods (see the list below).

    We do not offer research scholarships to international students, although scholarships may be available through the University of Melbourne or national funding schemes. We can provide letters of support to accompany applications for scholarships and fellowships in other countries.

    Please contact the research manager if you are interested in spending time with the Centre.

    If you are interested in clinical training in adolescent medicine, visit

    Recent international fellows

    Name Country of origin Institution Length of placementPurpose 
    Dr Peijin HuChinaInstitute of Child and Adolescent Health, Peking University12 months

    To learn more about research on adolescent health in Australia and to improve her ability of research and paper writing through communication with CAH staff and access training opportunities on campus.

    Dwi Astuti Dharma Putri

    The University of Melbourne/ Universitas Gadjah Mada

    6 months
    Thesis research project-scoping review of AFHS

    To see the full list, please visit CAH International Fellows page.

    Australian research students

    There are a range of opportunities for local students to work with us [see research page]. These range from short term research placements to PhDs. Student projects at the Centre provide an opportunity to work with world leaders in adolescent health, access to various research platforms (e.g. domestic cohorts, global health metrics, clinical samples); and training in various research methods.

    Please contact the research manager for further information on current opportunities. Potential PhD Candidates are also encouraged to contact the project managers of current research projects [see research page].

    Recent student projects

    Name Degree University CAH supervisor Other supervisors Title of thesis / project group
    Olly Evans Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) 
    RMIT Molly O'Sullivan 

    Professional placement
    Gabriella Hills Bachelor of Communications (Media)RMITMolly O'Sullivan
    Professional placement

    To see the full list, please visit CAH Student Project page.

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    For research placement opportunities please contact:

    Kristina Bennett 
    Research Manager
    Centre for Adolescent Health 
    T +61 (0)3 9345 6535