•     "Doin' the Wild Thing" : Using the Outdoors to Promote Wellbeing in Young People

    Thursday August 4th 2011 

    Outdoor education and adventure therapy programs are an extremely popular component of mainstream programming and interventions for young people at risk.

    But where is the evidence-base to support their widespread acceptance as resilience-building strategies, even transformative experiences? Are there theories, principles or frameworks that can guide our practice?

    This forum brings academics, clinicians and practitioners alike who, as passionate advocates, have looked into these questions seeking to find the answers. 

     Under the Knife: Cosmetic Surgery and Young People

    Thursday June 2nd 2011

    This event is must for anyone interested in how the health sector is dealing with the increasing demand for cosmetic surgery for young people.

    Is this a God-send for young people with no other way out? Or are we pandering to society's demand for physical perfection? Where do we draw the line? This fascinating forum brings to you experts from the fields of surgery, social work and health promotion to share their insights into a controversial and growing area.

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    Sexual Assault and Young People: Current Issues and Debates

    Thursday August 5th 2010

    Sexual violence and young people is an issue that consistently receives much attention in the media and is a source of concern in the broader community. This half-day forum will provide a comprehensive overview on this important and challenging topic and will cover recent trends and policy changes, service provision, legal perspectives, the impact of 'raunch' culture and primary prevention strategies within a school environment and how to encourage respectful relationships.

    Karen Hogan Presentation

    Counting Sleep: Sleep and young people, what you need to know.

     Thursday May 27th 2010 

    Research in recent years has shown that adolescence is a time when the body clock experiences a significant shift. As a result, many young people are not getting enough sleep every night and are accumulating a BIG sleep deficit over time. Ongoing sleep deprivation can have a range of serious consequences on the health, wellbeing and behaviour of young people. The Centre for Adolescent Health, Royal Children's Hospital is holding its first forum for 2010 on this important issue and will provide a comprehensive overview on the impact of current sleep problems in young people and suggest a number of practical strategies for improving sleep patterns throughout adolescence. 

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    Moving beyond school exclusion: What are the alternatives? 

    Thursday October 15th 2009

    School exclusion is used as a consequence for (serious) transgressions of behaviour at school. While the use of school exclusion is often justified on the grounds of protecting the school community and maintaining clear standards, students who are suspended or expelled are at risk for a number of unintended consequences. These can include intensifying academic difficulties, disengagement from school, student alienation, antisocial behaviour, and substance use.

    This forum aims to raise awareness and understanding about the unintended consequences of school exclusion, particularly suspensions, and to examine alternative practical approaches aimed at reducing suspensions. The forum will include perspectives from students, experienced teachers and principals and research.
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    'The Young and the Reckless' 

    Thursday September 3rd 2009
    "Young people and risk taking - An inevitable consequence of a developing brain? A necessary part of growing up? A reation against an over-protective environment? Or the perception of a risk-averse society? This forum brings together diverse perspectives on the issue of youth and risk-taking, from neuroscience to sociology, to shed some light on these important questions. 

    This forum makes an important contribution to the critical debates developing around youth violence, substance abuse and other behaviours impacting on the health and wellbeing of young people, their families and the community. 'The Young and the Reckless' will interest a wide range of health, community and education professionals such as nurses, secondary and primary school teachers, student welfare co-ordinators, youth workers, clinicians, allied health professionals, community workers and more."
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    'Warming Up Cyberia' : Young People and Technology 

    Thursday April 24th 2008

    Mobile telephone use and expert knowledge of the Internet are a common thread through most young people today.  With rapid advances in the abilities of technology, it is often difficult for adults to stay abreast of what young people are doing in Cyberia.   "Warming Up Cyberia: Young People and Technology" will focus on how technology can be utilised in education and health settings, as well as discuss the issues of safety, monitoring technology use and how adults can pitch their tent in the heart of Cyberia 

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