• Vision

    Making a difference to young people’s health and wellbeing by advancing knowledge, policy and practice.


    We aim to improve the health and wellbeing of all young people, locally and globally, through innovative, integrated and world-leading research, education, and knowledge exchange.


    • Adolescence lays a foundation for health across the life course and for the next generation.
    • Health and wellbeing underpin the acquisition of the emotional and cognitive abilities for independence, completion of education, transition to employment, civic engagement, and formation of meaningful relationships.
    • Inequalities in health and health risk that emerge in adolescence often persist for a lifetime.
    • Young people must be valued for who they are now, not simply for who they will become.


    As an Australian centre of excellence and a WHO collaborating centre for adolescent health, we work to bring together the professionals and organisations needed to:

    • Undertake research into adolescent health, growth and wellbeing, with the knowledge that research is a driver of quality health care, prevention of ill health, and health promotion.
    • Engage and support young people in reaching their potential and pursuing their aspirations.
    • Support adolescent health practice in the schools, communities, and environments in which adolescents live, work and play.
    • Provide education and training to enable professionals to meet the needs of young people.
    • Strengthen partnerships with the many stakeholders in adolescent health, including young people themselves.
    • Influence policies that empower and protect all young people, including those facing disadvantage and discrimination.

    To help enact our vision, the CAH run a series of networking events, Catalysing Connections for Adolescent Health and Wellbeing with interested stakeholders. These events provide researchers, practitioners, policy makers and implementers the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest. Please visit the page for further information and to watch past events.